Video trips


Most of the videos in Czech language has English subtitles.



Last year i’ve got idea try to travel places where are subway stations and before end of season, i really did travel them all. That is also my plan for this year. If you shall be discourage by amount of the traveling, then believe i was telling that to myself every time in the third of all the trips. Advantage of this kind of trips is, one can take subway back home anytime he is tired.

Vltava river

Sometimes I make a trip from Podoli to Vrané nad Vltavou (~15km), which is almost all the way via inline skating lane. It is almost all the way terribly flat, but it is also nice environment and nice surfaces ;)


Last photo from Budapest Keleti pályaudvar

At the end of summer 2014 i was riding at Budapest, Hungary. I did trip from south Pest bus station to north of Pest with full 50l backpack on my longboard. It was really great, that my iPhone was not charged from bus, so my only navigation was GPS tracker, which i had just as a backup, in case something goes wrong. I arrived to place where i was supposed to stay in few hours, took a shower and went riding the town (without the 50l backpack now).

This map was done from my memory. In reality i was getting back and i was also going in circles.

Few photos from Budapest trip