I am Mailo, I like trips on longboard and I am looking for a partner. For trips at Prague and maybe even farther. I know there are already such groups, but from what i found so far they are too advanced for me (same faster in downhills as while pushing ;). If you know such group, i'll happily join.

Who am i looking for?

Absolutely not some turbo athlete who run 200km just for fun. In the other hand, somebody who has problems with longer walk, would not go along also. You can be somebody who is beginning with longboard, but you like trips on it and you want to explore new places. Below I describe what plans i have. That doesn't mean You have to make it all with me. Feel free to propose some trip and we'll see. We will discuss some trips and will see what come of it ;)

On what I ride

I have two drop-thru decks. Each time I take that one I think is better for planned trip. For example in Budapest I was for longer time, I wanted to do different things, so I took both decks with me (see photo).


For commuting I have Tan Tiem. It is light deck, which I can carry around. It is also pretty flexy, so I don't I feel every root, or hump in my bones.


I have Switchblade 40" for longer trips, or when I have some heavy load.